Custom Homes in Newark, OH

The Go-To Choice for Beautiful Custom Homes in Newark, OH

Journey Company follows a simple process when building custom homes in Newark, OH. We'll start by providing a free consultation for determining what you need from your dream space. Our experienced pros will guide you through the design process based on your property and desires for your house.

We encourage you to provide us with any information you have available, including blueprints, drawings, and lot surveys. There is no time limit in place, but consultations typically last about an hour.

Following your new home construction consultation, we'll create your design, acquire required permits, and then break ground depending on your financing situation. The average cost for custom home construction is $250,000, and they typically take about 6 months to complete after breaking ground.

Custom Home Building in Newark, OH

Why Choose Us

When you turn to our team for custom home building, we’ll ensure that the result matches your specific requirements and expectations. Pick out your light fixtures, floor coverings, doors, and trim, as well as windows, siding, and paint.

We complete all of our work in-house, including carpentry, trim, painting, and finishing. In all that we do, we demonstrate attention to detail and excellence. You’re our valued customer, and you deserve nothing less than superb service. That is exactly what we will provide.

Home Design Tailored to You

Everyone’s lifestyle has a unique quality, and every home reflects that distinction. There is nothing quite like knowing the place you live is customized entirely to your tastes. From the placement of the outlets to the room size, everything in home design is possible when you put your plans into the hands of a custom builder.  

A custom piece of furniture is one thing, but a home tailored to your needs is an entirely different ball game. Only an experienced home contractor knows what it takes to design, develop, erect, and finish a custom residence. When you consider the scope of the work, it makes sense to trust a company with a proven track record for exceptional projects.

Our home design experts take the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your priorities. Whether you need custom counter heights for taller than average individuals or integrated lighting schemes, our team can breathe life into your ideas. We seamlessly meld beauty and function into every home we build. You will enjoy the convenience of practicality with the elegance of modern design. Don’t settle for a home that doesn’t quite fit your needs; let us bring your vision of the ideal house into reality.

Contact us today for all of your custom home needs. We are proud to serve our customers in Newark, OH, and surrounding areas.